Vevy Europe


Dermo Cosmetic Grade logo

The DCG® (Dermo Cosmetic Grade trademark) identifies the self-certification that qualifies the highly specialized products of Vevy Europe.
It certifies each product is:

  • Designed and manufactured for skin applications, on a scientific basis;
  • Tested according to rigorous toxicological and activity protocols;
  • Respectful of skin physiology and biochemistry;
  • Updated on the basis of scientific progress;
  • Compliant with national and international regulations;
  • Conceived thinking about its life cycle;

These premises lead to the development and the manufacturing of products which are:

  • Safe [absence of harmful effects];
  • Effective [compliance with the promised and expected requirements];
  • Stable [persistence of the established characteristics];
  • Sustainable [respect for environment and human being];

Each product is wrapped by a specialized assistance, which range from its scientific and technical documentation to the qualified support for its proper use.