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The DCG® trademark (Dermo Cosmetic Grade) identifies the highly specialized products of Vevy Europe Fine Chemical division and certifies that each product is:

  • Designed and developed for cutaneous application;
  • Tested according to rigorous toxicological, cryptotoxicological, enzyme-kinetic and dermatological activity protocols, and consequently, does not interfere with the biochemistry of the cutaneous apparatus;
  • Up-dated on the basis of scientific progress;
  • Compliant with national and international regulations.

These premises lead to the development of projects and products, regardless of their source, that are characterized by:

  • Safety (absence of harmful effects);
  • Effectiveness (compliance with the promised and expected requirements);
  • Stability (persistence of the stated characteristics);

Each ingredient is presented in a wrapping of specialized services, which range from its scientific and technical documentation to the specific and qualified support for its proper use.