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Product Details

Macrocategory NamePreservatives
Macrocategory DescriptionAnti-Bacterial Agents, Insect Repellents
Vevy Codex10.0377
Description -
Properties can be utilised as a preservative (1.5%) or as a deodorant antiseptic in powders; in association with zinc undecylenate and as antimicotic agent. Emollient.
Use in aspergents and as preservative in talc powders: 1.5%; in antiseptic and deodorant preparations: 2.5%.
Characteristics powder, ratio 1:2 (preservative: talc).
Chemical Description Talc, Phenoxyethanol and Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl Parabens.
Classifications according to technical and safety data sheets.
ToxicologyTested DCG® - Dermo Cosmetic Grade

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