Vevy Europe

Product Details

Macrocategory NameIntegrated Primary Ingredients (IPI)
Macrocategory DescriptionComposed Calibrated Excipients and Actives
Vevy Codex21.3364
Description Available also without aluminium: HEXATRATE AL-F Vevy Codex: 21.3503.
Properties integrated primary ingredient for a normalized and odourless perspiration
Use 11 -15%
Characteristics pale yellow clear liquid, slight characteristic odour, water-glycols-ethanol systems; aqueous systems max 5%.
Chemical Description olyethylene Glycol 200, Propylene Glycol Hydroxypropanetricarboxylic Acid Ester, 2-Phenylethanol, Aluminium Citrate, Aminodeoxyglucitol, 2-Ethylene Glycol Monophenyl Ether, Sandalwood Oil main constituent, Coriander Oil main constituent, Rose Oil main constituent, Hyacinth Oil main constituent.
Classifications according to technical and safety data sheets.
ToxicologyTested DCG® - Dermo Cosmetic Grade

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