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Macrocategory NameOil Soluble Dyes
Macrocategory DescriptionLiquid Stabilized Original Dyes
NameFARV-Oil Soluble liquid Dyes
Vevy Codex07.xxxx
Description LIPOFARV - Oil Soluble dyes
• LIPOFARV AZU: Blue series.
• LIPOFARV CITRO: Yellow series.
• LIPOFARV GRO: Green series.
• LIPOFARV MAVRO: Brown series.
• LIPOFARV RUBI: Red series.
• LIPOFARV SERI: Violet series

See also HYDROFARV - Water Soluble dyes Vevy Codex: 06.xxxx
Properties ready-to-use standardized, titrated and stabilized liquid dyes, vehiculated in eudermic oils, updated according to the current regulations. The main advantages from their use is the easiness of use and the homogeneity of the pigments in solution, in comparison with a powder in a mixture (dispersion).
Use Certified colors for cosmetic use
Chemical Description
Classifications according to technical and safety data sheets.
ToxicologyTested DCG® - Dermo Cosmetic Grade

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