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Product Details

Macrocategory NameInorganic and Metallorganic Actives
Macrocategory DescriptionOligoelements Compounds, Astringents, Deodorants, Cicatrizants, Protectives, Salts
Vevy Codex12.0250
Description -
Properties effective and safe astringent, without any of the inconveniences of chlorohydrates and other aluminum inorganic salts. Consequently, its range of use is very wide
Use deodorants, tonic lotions, shaving foams, beauty masks, intimate detergents, treatment shampoos, toilet powders: from 1 to 8% according to the formula and the desired action
Characteristics hygroscopic crystals, water soluble and in hydroalcoholic solutions.
Chemical Description Aluminum Hydroxypropanetricarboxylic Acid mono-di-salt.
Classifications according to technical and safety data sheets.
ToxicologyTested DCG® - Dermo Cosmetic Grade

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