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Macrocategory NamePlant-derived Actives
Macrocategory DescriptionLipoplastidines, Unsaponifiables, Lipotrophynes, Hydroplastidines, Trichostimulants, Activators, Drainings
Vevy Codex13.0719
Description -
Properties Caffeic acid, tannins and flavonoids (i.e. quercetin) contained in these extracts have a soothing and astringent action useful in the cosmetic treatment of cellulitis, in after-sun preparations and formulations for sensitive and blemished skin.
Use 2% - 4% Massage creams, lotions and gels, face care products; creams, lotions, gels, liquids, ampoules for the treatment of cellulitis; after-sun face and body care cosmetics; blemished skin. Suggested combination with Iodotrat (Vevy codex 18.0364)
Characteristics red/brown limpid liquid; soluble in water, propylene glycol, ethanol, glycerine, hydroglyceric solutions.
Chemical Description Extracts from Hedera helix L., folia, Betula alba L., folia, Cupressus sempervirens L.,., folia et fructus, Euphorbia pilulifera L., herba.
Classifications according to technical and safety data sheets.
ToxicologyTested DCG® - Dermo Cosmetic Grade

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