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Product Details

Macrocategory NamePlant-derived Actives
Macrocategory DescriptionLipoplastidines, Unsaponifiables, Lipotrophynes, Trichostimulants, Activators, Drainings
Vevy Codex13.4566
Description Innovative active ingredient. Antagonist of the skin stress hormones formation. It's use is pertinent in the three local treatment systems: antiageing, reconstitutive-reparative and protective-preventive
Properties the injured epidermis produces stress-hormones autonomously: ACS-AntiCytoStressor allows to modulate this activity. Skin anti-inflammatory, antiageing and free radical scavenger, keratoplastic activity, treatment of dyskeratosis.
Use 2-3% according to the formulation.
Characteristics dark brown limpid liquid, soluble in water.
Chemical Description
Classifications according to technical and safety data sheets.
ToxicologyTested DCG® - Dermo Cosmetic Grade

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