Vevy Europe

  • Research, develpment and production of raw materials, intermediates and active ingredients for dermopharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industry.

  • The ATD division operates on two fronts:

    - systems supply and service;

    - software design and development.

    Both activities are carried-out for in-house customers (corporate divisions) as well as for external customers.

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  • Chemical and instrumental analysis for the control and the identification of chemical substances and products; dermatological research and studies; formulation of preparations for skin application.

  • Logistics services related to storage, conditioning and distribution.

  • Publishing house supported by both traditional and electronic means; education provided in relation to the areas of activity.

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    Lexicon Vevy Europe - Skin Care instant Reports

    Relata Tecnica - Electronic Journal

  • Functional dermocosmetic specialties; products for veterinary use such as curative and preventive, and nutritional supplements.


Closing Days

Vevy Europe S.p.A will be closed on December 8th for religious holiday and December 9th for a long weekend.
We’ll see all your communications on December 12th, 2016.

Vevy Europe Products Catalogue V33 - July 2016

Catalogue available in E-book format or PDF version.

Lexicon Vevy Europe

New article is available on Lexicon Vevy Europe Skin Care Instant Reports:
Human Stratum Corneum Homeostasis: the Relevance of Filaggrin and of Inducers of Filaggrin Production

In-Cosmetics 2016

Thank you for your many visits to our booth N81 in Paris.
See you next year at In Cosmetics London.

Vevy Europe Products Catalogue V31 - March 2016

Catalogue available in E-book format or PDF version.

56th Anniversary

Vevy Europe celebrates 56 Years of Fine and Speciality Chemicals.

Vevy Portal

News&Events page has been updated:

Vevy Portal Tools

Added new tools for lab technicians:
- StatisLab
- Percentage Proportioner
- Quantities Proportioner

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